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All I Know Is What I Read in the Newspaper

William H. Stewart, Ph.D.

Professor and Chair, Political Science Department, University of Alabama

Thursday, February 26, 1998, 7 p.m.
Room 150 Humanities Building, USA Campus

"In the 1890's the primary source of information for most Alabamians was the newspaper. Using newspapers published in the 1890s and in the 1990s, Professor Stewart examines what the press reveals and how much things have changed and how much they remain the same. In the political arena, for example, newspapers reported that Alabama was in the process of developing two-party politics in the 1890s -- the Democrats and the Populist. Today's headlines tell us that the state is still trying to develop two-party politics, only the principal combatants are the Democrats and the Republicans. The role of religion plays in the everyday lives, the inclusion of African-Americans in the political process, our obsession with sports -- Professor Stewart looks at how the press covers these and other issues."

After the formal presentation, the staff of The Harbinger will join Professor Stewart in an informal discussion and answer questions about Mobile's alternative community newspaper for the last 15 years.

A Program of the Alabama Humanities Foundation Speakers Bureau
Sponsored by The Harbinger

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