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January 7, 1997

Mobile: Then and Now

Then Now

by Tom McGehee

The north side of Government Street in the block just west of Common as photographed in the 1890's to reveal a pleasing vista of deep lawns and front porches.

Number 1004, just visible to the right had been home to Dr. Harry Tutwiler Inge for a decade but dates to the 1870's when another physician, William Taylor, was its owner. Dr. Inge served as County Physician and Surgeon and was the co-founder of the Inge-Bondurant Infirmary. He reportedly had the first automobile in Mobile in 1902.

Next door at 1006 is the residence of Burwell Boykin Boone, an attorney. Mr. Boone had the distinction of serving as Assistant Solicitor for the Mobile and Ohio Railroad.

The unusual tower beyond belongs to 1008 Government Street, a house dating to 1869 when it was built for Allen McCants, a cotton broker. By the time of this photo it is the home of Charles Hopkins who was also a cotton broker.

Ending the row is the home of Earle MaCartney of the Fidelity Trust and Loan Company of Mobile. The house dated from the early 1860's.

Architectural styles, like fashions were quick to change as this block clearly reflects. By 1915 Dr. Inge had the Downey architectural firm place an impressive neoclassic facade on his home. The MaCartney house had been remodeled by 1910 as did the house at 1010 while the Hopkins home remained largely unchanged.

By 1933 the Boone's home had been demolished to make way for the Al-Marye Apartments. Here tenants had the choice of a four or five room flat with a fireplace specially equipped with "radiant heat."

To date this portion of the block survives

Above left, photo courtesy Museum of Mobile Collection.

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