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September 5, 2000

The Merging of Cultures: Exhibit #7

Fine Art Photography & Writings
Featuring Students from Alma Bryant & C.F. Vigor High Schools

High school students from Alma Bryant and C.F. Vigor will be honored with an exhibition of their fine art photography and writings at the Coleman Center/Altman-Riddick Museum in York, Alabama. Their work will be on display through September 30.

A result of "The Merging of Cultures," an artist residency program in Mobile County Public Schools initiated by Sheila Hagler and Peggy Denniston, co-founders of Art at Top of the Hill, this exhibit demonstrates what teenagers can do when empowered with the camera as a documentary tool and creative writing to compliment the fine art photography. "These kids take cameras home -- manual cameras, without light meters -- and return with perfectly exposed negatives," says Hagler. She works with Denniston, the other artist in residence and a writer, who guides the students through writing about the pictures they make.

"They create every aspect of the work, from processing the film to printing and framing the final works. Working as a team, they help each other, even with the writing and editing," explains Hagler, continuing, "Students who state they have nothing to say express poignant stories about their lives." Now these same students have an opportunity to share their lives, through their works, with other Alabamians.

This cross-disciplinary project of infusing art into an academic setting received funding support from the Alabama State Council on the Arts and the Mobile Area Education Foundation. For additional information about this art infusion project, contact Art at Top of the Hill at 865-4003.


Charlie Thomas is Vigor High School’s third baseman. "Charlie Blow," as he is known to the team, is a good friend of mine. He can be very calm sometimes, and other times very eccentric. Charlie always jokes around with the team and enjoys making us laugh.

After practice, he sits and thinks about the next game and how much he has improved since he started playing baseball. Charlie is a hard worker both on and off the field. He’s a valuable player and our team wouldn’t be as good without him. With his speed, no one can catch him. He’s stolen bases on some of the best catchers in the league.

-- Photo and essay by Slayton Rice

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