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January 9, 2001

Update: Mobile County Air-Quality Study

by Edmund Tsang

Only one company has responded to the Request For Proposal (RFP) from the Mobile County Air Quality Study Task Force, according to task-force member Casi Calloway, the Executive Director of Mobile Bay Watch, Inc. Calloway said that ICP, the same company that helped the task force drew up the scope of work for the air quality study and drafted the RFP, is the only company that submitted a bid.

Although the task force would have liked to select a contractor for the air-quality study prior to the holidays of 2000, Calloway said the task force will be meeting soon to re-negotiate the bid, and she hopes the contractor will be hired soon.

Calloway said "we are extremely excited" that the air-quality study is coming to fruition, after Mobile Bay Watch has been lobbying for such a study for the past two years. "The study does not include criteria pollutants, but is a focus on toxics which are not being presently monitored or studied anywhere in the State of Alabama," Calloway said. "This will be a complete study of air toxics for Mobile County, taking in point, mobile, and area sources. Additionally, local citizens and business leaders will have a chance to establish expectations of what they believe the local air quality should be in Mobile County."

"We are also hoping to work with local doctors, hospitals and the Board of Health to do some concurrent data collection," Calloway added.


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