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March 27, 2001

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Jim White
No Such Place
Luaka Bop Records
4650 N. Port Washington Rd
Milwaukee, WI 53212

"I'm handcuffed to a fence in Mississippi. My girlfriend blows a boozy goodbye kiss. I see flying squirrels and nightmares of stigmata. Then awakening to find my Trans-am gone. Still, I'm feeling pretty good about the future. Yeah, everything is peaches but the cream. I'm handcuffed to a fence in Mississippi, where things is always better than they seem."

From the very first chorus of Jim White's latest album No Such Place, you see the ironic wit and lyrical talent that made his Wrong Eyed Jesus a cult hit. Jim found himself heralded as something of a genius in the Alternative country scene. But despite the accolades he found himself like many an artist, broke and living in a borrowed trailer in rural Florida. That's when he wrote 10 Miles to Go On a 9 Mile Road. Upon hearing a demo of the track, the British Trip-hop band Morcheeba volunteered to produce it. They developed a chemistry that was so strong, that Morcheeba took time out of their tour schedule to help Jim produce the backbone of what would become No Such Place. At the same time, Andrew Hale of Sade and Sweetback fame stepped forward and offered not only his recording studio but to help White in the recording process. What results is a eclectic blend of electronic, trip-hop, alternative country with rich musical hues and layers that transcends anything on the radio today.

Full of christ haunted landscapes and tragic femme fatales, No Such Place is one of those rare albums you only seem to be able to find on a label like Luaka Bop. White is one of the new artists like Beck and Moby, who take music to an almost multimedia level. With multilayered musical arrangements full of traditional and electronic sound paired with an almost cinematic lyric. Well rounded and excellently produced, No Such Place is a fresh, if not slightly dark look at life and love in the South.

-- Thomi Shapre


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