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VOL. XV, NO. 8
2/4/97 - 2/17/97

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by Edmund Tsang

The public hearing on February 4 at noon at the Mobile City Council meeting to consider the proposal by Municipal Park Baseball Association (MPBA) will provide a test of the ordinance established in 1991 as a result of another similar project to turn natural areas of Langan Park into athletic fields. Under the ordinance, final approval of any future park development requires a vote of the City Council.

MPBA wants to build a women's softball field, a concession stand, restrooms, press box, 3 batting cages, and additional parking in Langan Park off Museum Drive to support women softball. The previous project in 1990, in which Dixie Youth Baseball built two baseball fields, a football field, and parking areas, ended poorly for Mobile's environment and taxpayers, and was a textbook case of old Mobile politics. (...Full Story)


by Joanna Greene

When Fred and Carol Lovell Saas left the sunny shores of California to sail the oceans in their hand-crafted fifty-foot sailboat the Daedalus, they had no idea they would end up in the deep south on an Alabama bayou. "We were on our way to the Virgin Islands and just kind of got homesick," said Mrs. Saas. "We had been traveling for some time and were homesick for the states."

They landed off the coast of Mississippi and began their search for a more permanent home. The Saas combed the backwoods and bogs before finding a suitable spot on the Robert's Bayou in Elberta. In 1989 they purchased the land and set out to turn the 20 acres into what is today the Biophilia Nature Center. (...Full Story)

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