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VOL. XV, NO. 9
2/18/97 - 3/3/97

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by David Underhill

If the two local lawyers accused of being lawyers did not receive a sufficient education in law school about the operations of the legal system, they're getting it now. Larry D. Simpson and Jerry H. Pogue were arrested in December and charged with the unlicensed practice of law, or with aiding each other in the commission of this misdemeanor, or both. If eventually convicted, they could be jailed for six months and fined $500.

But when is eventually? In January both went before the judge, Dominick Matranga, but little happened and they were ordered to return early this month. They did, but little happened and they were ordered to return next month. That's how the legal system operates.

Meanwhile, they've been peppering the court with motions: for dismissal of the charges and erasure of arrest records; for trial by jury, unusual in misdemeanor cases; for discovery of the evidence and witnesses against them; for a change of venue because of accusatory coverage in the daily newspaper. (...Full Story)

Municipal Park Softball Field


by Edmund Tsang

Wayne Curry, president of the Municipal Park Baseball Association, calls the current petition before City Council to build athletic facilities in Municipal Park to support girl's softball "an improvement, not an expansion." The group appeared before the Planning Commission on January 9 to get approval for "construction of a softball field, concession stand, restrooms, press box, 3 batting cages and additional parking," then found out approval can only come from the City Council. On February 4, maps of the facilities and their layout were presented during a public hearing at the City Council meeting.

Curry said the number of children participating in girl's softball is "fixed," and the new facilities are to support those who are currently in the program because there are no girl's softball fields in Mobile.

"The plan is to better utilize the field," Curry added. "The [softball] field is in a property that's already laid out. No trees Will be coming down." (...Full Story)

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