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October 28, 1997

Roots, Rock, ReggaeHe used to be just "Prince." Now, he's Prince with a 5-word, 24-letter pre-fix and a symbol that's combination male/female ankh. Go figure. His Royal Purpleness has scheduled a concert here in the Port City for Halloween Friday, October 31st. I must confess, I'm not familiar with his current material, but his catalog of hits such as "Raspberry Beret," "When Doves Cry," and "Purple Rain" should provide enough interest to guarantee a sell-out. Congratulations are also in order for the crew at the Mobile Civic Center as I was in the crowd this past Sunday for BOB DYLAN! Sorry, but deadlines kept me from previewing or reviewing the show. Does Dylan still have the Memphis Blues? Meanwhile over on Dauphin Street, Ruby Tuesday has bought the property formerly known as the Lumberyard. I look for them to bulldoze the place and erect their gaudy gold/red/green; could be in any mall parking lot soon. In a matter related to the Lumberyard, former owner Chuck Commiskey has shut down The Big Kahuna Sports Cafe due to "insurmountable" financial problems. I don't expect the building to be empty for long. While I'm spreading rumors, I've heard talk of Slow Moses breaking up. Say it ain't so!! After a great show at Bayfest I thought the horizon for this band was bright. The club always known as Monsoon's has scheduled Dread Zeppelin for November 20th. If you like Led Zeppelin, reggae and Elvis, check this band out. Their latest album, "The Fun Sessions," features Tortelvis putting his stamp on "Freebird," "Smoke on the Water" and "Light My Fire." They are a "must see." Tortelvis left the band for brief while and they were covering disco-era Bee Gees, but he is back in the building. Mark your calendar for November 7 when Billy Pilgrim brings "Power Windows" to Monsoon's. See you soon...

-- Dan Herman

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