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March 31, 1998

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Letters to the Editor

Dear Editor

As a member of the University of South Alabama Board of Trustees, I very much resent the article that was published in the Mobile Register on March 5, 1998 concerning the meeting of the board that was held on March 4th and the election of a Chairman of the Board.

For your information, I voted for Jack Brunson to be "elected" to the position of chairman because of his serving as vice chairman and his many years of service on the board. I did not vote for him because I was against Dr. Whiddon as the Mobile Register would have the public to believe.

Dr. Whiddon has my utmost respect and I support him fully in his managing this huge university and its staff and in his daily operations of this great institution. The Mobile Register is doing this university, its staff, faculty and students a grave disservice by its negative reporting against Dr. Whiddon, the university and its Board of Trustees. This is not responsible reporting, in my opinion!

Donald L. Langan, Member
Board of Trustees
University of South Alabama

Dear Editor,

If you thought Hitler was a dictator and Attila the Hun was horrible, they can't hold a candle to the management of The Mobile Register. I thought you would be interested to learn of their latest arrogance and pettiness directed at people who want to say something good about Dr. Fred Whiddon and the University of South Alabama.

A group of friends of the University thought it would be a service to the people of Mobile to reprint your very excellent editorial entitled "Christmas Eve Media Massacre of Whiddon" that appeared in the January 13, 1998 issue of The Harbinger. On Feb. 26th we sent the editorial with more than enough money to pay for the ad. They refused to run it. Apparently, if you don't agree with them, or don't say things they want you to say, you aren't entitled to express your opinion in their newspaper.

Be warned, Mobilians. Do not disagree with The Mobile Register or dare to challenge their personal agenda because they will roll over you like a Sherman tank runs over a tin can. Freedom of the press, the public's right to hear all sides, and common courtesy and decency do not exist in Mobile, Alabama, as far as the local newspaper is concerned.

David Barkley

Dear Editor,

The Senior Faculty Caucus convened on January 16, 1998 and unanimously passed the following resolution.

The Senior Faculty Caucus of the University of South Alabama finds it ethically and socially reprehensible that the Mobile Register used its front page, its editorial page and its reportorial staff on the day of the University of South Alabama's commencement, during the days preceding Christmas and on Christmas Eve to call for the removal of President Whiddon and to mount flimsy attacks on him.

While we do not quarrel with the press's right to inform the public as it sees fit, we do quarrel with the reckless attitude, apparently held by the editors and the C.E.O. of the Mobile Register, that legitimizes irresponsible and tasteless journalism. We, the members of the Senior Faculty Caucus, ask that concerned members of the faculty at the University of South Alabama join us in signing this protest which will be distributed to the University of South Alabama Board of Trustees, the media and other appropriate officials.

Resolutions Committee
Thomas A. Brennan
Lloyd N. Dendinger
William Vitulli

Over 100 additional signatures from faculty across the University have been received in support of this resolution.

Dear Editor

The newly formed (1995) Signal Corps OCS Association (A non-profit, veterans fraternal organization) is facing the almost overwhelming task of locating the 25, 000 graduates of the 3 Signal Officer Candidate School programs that operated during WWII, the Korean War and finally during Vietnam.

While we have located over half of the Korean War and Vietnam era graduates, we have little information on the 21,000 graduates that came out of the WWII program. Despite this lack of information approximately 2000 have been located. We have accounted for over 3800 graduates total, and we provide an information service to the surviving family members of those who are deceased.

If you could run this letter, some of those we are attempting to locate, or a family member, may be able to contact us for information. We also ask all those who have any information on the Signal OCS program, both graduates and cadre, to contact us and request that each provide us with any documentation they may have on the programs.

Major Richard A. Green
190 SW Wren Court
Lake City FL 32025

Dear Editor,

The 1998 USA Songwriting Competition has just kicked off. Entries are currently accepted, all entries must be postmarked no later than May 31st, 1998. This songwriting competition is sponsored by BMI, Guild Guitars, D'Addario Guitar Strings, Musician's Friend, Cakewalk=AE Music Software, Superdups and ASN.

The Competition is the largest International Songwriting Competition around, offering fourteen song categories such as: Pop, Rock/Alternative, Country, R&B, Gospel/Inspirational , Folk, Latin/Spanish, Instrumental, Jazz, Hip-Hop/Rap, Children, World, Dance/Club and Novelty/Comedy.

Winners will be selected by a Blue Ribbon judging committee consisting of music industry judges such as record labels ,publishers, producers, performing rights organizations and voting members of NARAS(Grammy Awards).

Win cash prizes, merchandise such as Guild Guitars, Cakewalk=AE music software, D'Addario Guitar Strings, Gift vouchers from Musician's Friend and Superdups. For more information of the current competition rules, regulations and entry forms, please visit:

e-mail USA Songwriting Competition at, or call 24 hour contest line at: (617)576-9732.

Ira Greenfield
Media Contact

The Harbinger, Mobile, AL