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April 14, 1998

Brother Cane Announces 3rd Release: Wishpool

by Jennifer Whiddon

Brother Cane, the band from Birmingham, Alabama, anticipates a successful future with their third release, WISHPOOL. This is the band's follow-up to the 1995 release, Seeds, on Virgin Records.

According to Damon Johnson, lead guitarist and vocalist of the band, WISHPOOL represents a different direction for Brother Cane due to a change in the song-writing process. In the past, the band would write 12 to 15 songs and then go immediately into the studio to record. But in preparation for this album, Damon said, "we took an extended period of time to write almost 40 songs, with the idea that the more songs we wrote, the more really strong ones we would have to choose from."

The first single, "I Lie In The Bed I Make," is an excellent example of this powerful ammunition. The sound is heavier than the first two albums, and more solid, but still maintains the roots of groovy, southern rock. But don't think all the songs will sound the same. Damon describes WISHPOOL as very diverse in its dynamics, meaning there's something on the new album for everyone. Experience has granted the band song-writing maturity and the much needed room to breathe, musically speaking. They spent years writing, recording, and touring. All of these factors have been the key to the band's much deserved success.

Sunday, March 22nd, I had the privilege of participating in one of Brother Cane's promotional campaigns for WISHPOOL. MTV's Matt Pinfield started the evening by hosting an interview with the guys for the Album Network radio broadcast, followed by a live performance of the new record and others. The verdict? Absolutely incredible! I've been a fan since the early 1990s, keeping constant tabs on the guys and their live shows, and I'm still blown away by their absolute intensity. Anybody who's experienced a live performance will agree with the hypnotic appeal that Brother Cane's music has on the audience.

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