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April 28, 1998

Bangs (Kill Rock Stars KRS-294),

The Bangs' TIGER BEAT is like your favorite mixed drink. It is full of the best ingredients in the perfect amounts, and enough kick to send you berzeker. This girl-powered pop/punk band has a sound different from the endless string of mass-produced songs that invade your MTV and radio daily. And as an enlisted band on the Kill Rock Star army, they stand as true soldiers of rad rock. Raging guitars, wailing vocals, and straight punk drums. Their upbeat sound will definitely make you want to get up and Haga Daga. And as your mixed drink of choice, it's always just what you need. With Sara Utter on vocals and guitar, Maggie Vail singing and playing bass, and Jesse Fox hitting the drums, this CD serves up that Long Island Iced Tea with an umbrella. So drink up and enjoy. For info on the Bangs, write Kill Rock Star, 120 NE State Avenue, #418, Olympia, WA 98501.

-- Sara Knopf

The Harbinger, Mobile, AL