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March 16, 1999

Year of Older Persons


"Comfort Women"
Aging in the Present
Baby Boomer's Influence

Editor's note: 1999 has been designated by the United Nations as the International Year of Older Persons. The special issue of The Harbinger looks at the past, present, and future of elderly persons.

The popularity of Steven Spielberg's film Saving Private Ryan helps educate people to the sacrifices and the heroics of the World War II generation that paved the way to post-war peace and prosperity. But many elderly persons of that generation were also victims of WWII, as Gloria J. Palileo's story "Comfort Women" tells us, lest we forget the horrors of war. Julie McGee, director of the Area Agency on Aging, informs us about the issues that the elderly faces in her essay "Aging in the Present"; not surprisingly, the issues facing the elderly are largely the same issues that concern all of us. And with the Baby Boomer generation soon entering senior-citizen status, Dr. Roma Hanks asks in her essay, "Mama Went to Woodstock, But I Never Sang a Protest Song," what is the influence of the Baby Boomers' values on succeeding generations other than the sheer number.

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