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April 11, 2000

"How Are We Doing?"

The Official Word On Mobile & Baldwin Counties’ Environment & Education

by Harbinger staff

Envision Mobile-Baldwin released its Progress Indicators for Coastal Alabama in early March 2000. According to a Envision Mobile-Baldwin press release, the report is “a way for the community to measure its progress, to answer the question, ‘How are we doing?”

The section on environmental indicators is reproduced here with permission of the lead author of the report, Dr. G. David Johnson of the sociology and anthropology department of University of South Alabama.

According to Dr. Johnson, the indicators used to measure progress towards goal are developed in consultation with the various working committees of Envision Mobile-Baldwin. “The Natural Resources Committee came up with some of the indicators on the environment,” Dr. Johnson said. “Adding data on septic tank hook-up as an indicator of environmental quality was suggested by volunteers working on infrastructure issues. For the education indicators, I consult with the Education Committee, and use the available data from the State Department of Education.”

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