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October 5, 1999

Down the Promo Pipeline PRETEND IM HUMAN,
Orange 9 mm,

Orange 9mm is a band with a unique mix of sounds and a unique name. Their sounds fuse the classic alternative of, say, Goodbye to Pop, with the rap style of Curtis Mayfield and P- Funk. These sounds are mingled with lyrics that are inspired by three guys hopes, dreams, and fears.

PRETEND IM HUMAN is an honest, though provoking CD. The CD is a big step up for this New York-based band. Their producer Neil Perry (who has worked with The Smashing Pumpkins and Everclear) says, I havent heard anything like this before.

In days of Backstreet Boys, N Sync, and Brittany Spears, it is good to know that there is a group of musicians out there, especially in the midst of these teeny-bopper groups that get started by an established record company -- usually some producer saying, Ive got 12 songs to dance and sing to 12-year-olds.

That is why I want to introduce everybody to Orange 9 mm. Visit the corner where Hip Hop and Alternative cross, and you will see a little band called Orange 9 mm.

-- Ian West

The Harbinger