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December 1, 1999

The Music Box

Are you unfamiliar with the bands of the local music scene? Maybe youíve heard a few downtown bands and they didnít leave a lasting impression. Well, Iíve got a local band called FMA you need to hear that will change your impression of local original bands.

FMA is a five-piece band whose music style straddles that fine line between the alternative and metal genres. Just recently, I got a copy of the bandís self-produced debut album, FERMIUM AMPERE.

album.gif - 1634 BytesFERMIUM AMPERE explores the new music styles in the ever-explosive rock arena. FMA hopes to set a precedent for music of the present and future. The band has a driving, energetic sound, defined by powerful songwriting and musicianship.

group.jpg - 12097 BytesFMA consists of the following members: Steve Marler and Danny Dunbar on guitar, Jason Boone on drums, vocalist Chris Cole, and bassist Clay Davis. Each member contributes to an explosive live show that is a must-see for concert fanatics.

Fortunately, you can enjoy the band live and get your own copy of the new album at the bandís CD release party next month on Dec. 4 at Jagís Music Hall (located on Old Shell Road across from the Mitchell Center). The CD will only cost $5 as a special one-night offer for the show. The show starts around 8:30 and will also include two other local bands from the Mobile area, Merge and 4 Years Down. Also, FERMIUM AMPERE will be available at some of those fine local record stores in Mobile that stock local music. Check out the FMA website at

If youíre in a local band and would like to get in this column, drop me a line at See you at the show!!!!!

-- Jeff Dunnam

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