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August 22, 2000

Down the Promo Pipeline

cowboymouth.jpg - 10168 BytesEASY, Cowboy Mouth, ( Blackbird/Atlantic), 2000

From out of the depths of Louisiana comes Cowboy Mouth. Named for a line in a Sam Shepard play, ''You gotta be a rock and roll Jesus with a cowboy mouth,'' this band has earned their success the hard way. They worked for it. After several independent releases and a brief stint with MCA Records, this quartet has found a home at Blackbird/Atlantic. Drummer and Dash Riprock alum Fred LeBlanc, who sets his drum set right down front and center, is the focal point and lead madman of this aggregation. Fred is joined by John Thomas Griffith (his former band, The Red Rockers scored an international hit with China), guitarist Paul Sanchez and bassist

Rob Savoy. This album is an attempt to capture their always exuberant, way over the top, live shows, and present it in a format you can take home. Standout tracks include the title cut Easy, which proclaims "Easy to bitch, easy to whine...harder to work, harder to strive...but it's really worth it, if you give it a try." Marianne is a ballad (if you believe Cowboy Mouth is capable of a ballad) filled with rich harmonies and chiming guitars while All American Man is a straight ahead rocker reminiscent of the Blasters. The album contains 15 cuts; 3 of which are 30 seconds or less, and is the type of major label release Cowboy Mouth needs and deserves to solidify their career. If you don't want to dish $15 for the CD, Cowboy Mouth will be performing at the USA Mitchell Center Thursday August 31. The show is free to USA students!

-- A.J. Hidell Jr.

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