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3/4/97 - 3/24/97

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or Whose Habitat Is It, Anyway?

by Neil S. Milligan

A Line in the Sand

On February 3rd a document giving notice of intent to bring suit was delivered to Bruce Babbit, Secretary of the Department of the Interior (DOI), and to John Rogers, Director of the US Fish and Wildlife Service (FWS). The plaintiffs are the Alabama Chapter of the Sierra Club, the Fort Morgan Civic Association, and Mickey Stephens, a private landholder who owns property in a subdivision adjacent to a proposed high-density residential and commercial development. The defendant is the FWS, an agency under the DOI. The Washington D.C. law firm of Meyer & Glitzenstein has agreed to handle the potential lawsuit; Montgomery attorney Ray Vaughn is assisting with the matter.

Plaintiffs claim that FWS is violating the Endangered Species Act (ESA) by permitting "incidental takes" of a Federally-listed endangered species, the Alabama Beach Mouse (ABM, a.k.a. peromyscus polionotus ammobates), and by allowing destruction of its habitat... (...Full Story)

Franklin Health Centers

by Joanna Greene

Whenever the time comes to receive medical care, typically the first question asked of patients is: "What type of insurance do you have?" For those lacking health insurance, the trail of difficulties only begins there.

Though health insurance is virtually a must for receiving quality medical care, there are places where the uninsured can go. The Franklin Memorial Primary Health Center Incorporated is a group of non-profit clinics around Mobile that strive to provide quality, accessible and affordable health care to those who need help. (...Full Story)

Born 20 Years Ago, Free Clinics Reach Out to Growing Numbers of Uninsured

by Nancy Weil

(ANS/CAN-EX) -- In the lean, cost-cutting world of health care, a growing number of Americans have come to dread the question that typically marks the first order of business: "What's your insurance?" For those without health insurance, the truthful answer, "I don't have any," can easily put them on the wrong side of the health-care tracks in America. Yet at some places in the side roads of the system, the uninsured have preferred status.

These places are known as "free clinics," and their number is growing along with the number of the uninsured. (...Full Story)

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